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SY-8350A 350W Beam pattern dyeing lamp
Product ID: 81414244816Product name:350W Beam pattern dyeing lamp

Product description

Technical parameter:
Light source: Philips light bulb 350W
Color temperature: 7500K-8000KLux@5m (3) = 750000lux, Lux@5m = 10150lux (30 degrees)
The input voltage is ac90-240v 50-60Hz
Power consumption: 540W
Control signal: DMX512, master slave, voice activated, self-propelled
Control channel: 20 / 24 international standard DMX channels
Zoom angle: 3-6 degrees (beam mode)
Software upgrade: has the ability to upgrade through the DMX, X axis Y axis accuracy: 16BIT precision scanning, magnetic positioning system, can accurately and automatically correct the X axis, Y axis position
Display: LCD display
The lamp life of 2000 hours, 540 degrees, 270 degrees vertical resolution of 8bit/16bit photoelectric reset system, when an unexpected failure, can automatically reset, 1 rotation pattern plate, 12 rotation patterns and white light, adjustable rotation speed, the impact of traffic, jitter effect and rotation function, macro function
Design dimension: outer diameter 12mm, inner diameter is 10mm
1 fixed pattern plate, 17 fixed pattern with white, the effect of water, the effect of jitter and rotation function, 1 Figure 16 prism, bidirectional rotation, speed adjustable, 1 Figure 3 prism, prism and prism group overlap mode function, function, color half step function, 0-100% mechanical light modulation. 1-9 / sec speed strobe, mechanical flash strobe pulse.
Net weight: gross weight: 21kg 18.5kg
Product size: 390*.255.*595mm
Packing size: 450*430*570 (H) mm