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SY-1512 Superpro 512 moving light controller
Product ID:4417525516 Product name:Superpro 512 moving light controller

Product description

DMX5121990 standard, 512 DMX control channel, optically isolated signal output.
Up to 62 computers simultaneously control lighting, maximum 36 per lamp control channel, use the site to set the dynamic lights.
16Bit's XY control precision can be set to positive and negative XY axis direction.
Built-in graphics trajectory generator (SHAPE), user-friendly graphical computer light path control, such as Circle, gradient circle, line, 8 characters, wave and other effects. Graphic parameters (such as: speed, size, start, direction) can be independently set.
62 lights go program, up to 100 steps per program. Each time step (TIME), gradient (CROSS) parameters set up independently. Optional automatic speed control, intelligent control manual rhythm (SWING) or music synchronization.
Go light editing program, allows light to go step to copy, paste, increase the (insert), delete files.
Can run six to go light program, 62 preset scenes, 62 computers can simultaneously lantern lamp operation.
31 macro environment program (MACRO), for quick access to different scenarios, go light, manual operation (lantern) combination.
Equipped with USB interface, users can use U disk save their valuable data, the file system is compatible with WINDOWS XP.
LCD display with backlight operating parameters.
Can be connected with the work of 12V gooseneck lamp.
Power: AC90-250V 50-60Hz high-performance green switching power supply.