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3 major expressions of stage lighting to shape artistic image
Date:2022-8-22 Publisher:

As a unique means of plastic arts, stage lighting plays an important role on the modern stage. The creation of space atmosphere, gorgeous costumes and characters with different images are inseparable from the rendering and characterization of lighting; also, because of these, lighting has the space for its imagination and the medium for venting emotions. As a part of the stage comprehensive art, the lighting not only renders the dramatic mood and expresses the emotion well, but also has its own soul. It is transformed into a silent artistic language through imagination and conception.

Starting from the fundamental function of lighting, the expression methods of lighting to shape artistic images on the stage mainly include the following three aspects: one is the light and shade of the light, that is, the intensity and range of the light projection area; the other is the color and pattern of the light, that is The color of the light and the shape of the spot; the third is the angle of the light, that is, the location and projection angle of the lamp installation.

Through the reasonable use of these lighting expressions, the purpose of depicting the heart of the characters, explaining the time and space of the scene and rendering the atmosphere can be achieved, so as to fully integrate the meaning that the creator wants to express into the artistic image.

Light and shade and changes in performance area

First, let's talk about light and shade. As we all know, different intensities of light give people different feelings. The midday sun, for example, feels bright and uplifting, while the evening sun feels dim and depressing. When using lighting, it is necessary to make full use of the different emotions produced by light under different light and shade, and choose suitable light and lamps, so as to better shape the artistic image, set off the atmosphere, and express the theme.

Vision of Light Colors and Patterns

Feeling may be sensitive to the color of light. Different colors have different emotional expressions, such as red for fiery, golden for sunshine and hope, blue for tranquility and sadness, green for peace, and purple for mystery. Designers can make full use of the emotional characteristics of these light colors to render the atmosphere and describe the hearts of the characters, so as to guide the audience's emotions into the plot.

Computer lights are widely used in today's stage, and its biggest feature is that it can project various shapes and virtual and real light spots. Reasonable use of these light spots can well assist the stage scene, which can not only show mottled tree shadows and sparkling lake surfaces, but also use sharp beams to stretch the space to render the atmosphere. This is an expression technique that uses various colors and patterns of light to create different associations to shape the hearts of characters and explain the scene.

The projection angle of the light

While having the right light and color, the right projection angle of the light is also very important. The illumination angle of the light changes over time. For example, at dawn and dusk, the angle of light is relatively low and soft. And the noon light angle will appear steep and sharp. Because of this, choosing the appropriate lighting and light projection angle can accurately express the time and direction represented in the plot on the stage.

The unique three-dimensional modeling method of lighting is the premise of the existence of all spaces and characters on the stage. These performance techniques of stage lighting are usually not used in isolation in the specific application process. Several performance techniques are often you have me, I have you, complement each other and integrate. Only after comprehensive consideration and unified layout can we achieve the purpose of accurately shaping characters, explaining scenes and expressing emotions.