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SY-8380 380W beam lamp
Product No.: 82919412016 Product name: 380W beam lamp

Product description:


380W beam lamp

380W Beam Light

Voltage: AC100V-240V/50-60Hz

Bulb: Osram 371W

Protection grade: IP20 color temperature; 7800K

Lamp life: 1500 hours

Color: 13 colors+white light+half color rainbow water flow function, 6 color discs with shake function

Prism: 24 prisms and honeycomb prisms, beam angle can be freely scaled, prism can overlap, prism can be automatically adjusted

Lens: high-precision multi group glued optical lens

Metal pattern: one (white light+10 patterns+dynamic effect pattern) metal pattern plate, which can realize flowing water, shaking, random dynamic feeling and slow and fast conversion in positive and negative directions

Atomization: independent atomized lens, realized by electric focusing, with uniform and soft facula

Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming

Projecting range: 540 ° in X direction, 270 ° in Y direction, automatic positioning scanning

Speed: 3.0 seconds/540 degrees in X direction, 2.0 seconds/270 degrees in Y direction

Beam angle: parallel beam angle 0-5 °, pattern angle 5-50 °, atomizing light angle 0-50 °

Stroboscopic: double stroboscopic structure, 0.5-14 times/s adjustable

Number of channels: 16 DMX512 control channels

Appearance: high temperature resistant plastic shell, high-strength alloy cold pressing core material

Product size: 380x280x310mm

Weight: 19kg