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What are the professional configurations of stage lighting performances?
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1. Stage lights

According to the position of the stage, stage lamps can be divided into: face lamps, ear lamps, side lamps, backlight lamps, foot lamps, astigmatism lamps and canopy lamps, etc.; according to the way of lighting, they can be divided into spot lamps and flood lamps. These lamps play an irreplaceable effect in traditional stage performances. Although modern professional lighting develops very rapidly, traditional lamps are very important in enhancing the stage atmosphere, enhancing the appeal of the performance, and the color and shading of the exterior and scenery. There are places that other lamps cannot reach, so traditional stage lamps and their control equipment are also constantly developing in technology. As far as spotlights are concerned, they are divided into back light, lens spotlight and follow-up light. When used in engineering, they are usually divided into: Par36, Par46, Par56, Par64, according to the size of the stage, the layout and the interval of light projection. 1000W chasing light, 2500w chasing light and other standards, their consistent characteristics are: strong directionality, long range, and can show the clear outline and boundaries of the illuminated object. Usually used for: face lights, chasing lights, ear lights, side lights and rain lights in the dance floor, etc.; for floodlights, when used in projects, they are divided into 500W, 750W, 1000W and other specifications, they are all It has the characteristics of uniform light emission, large projection area and soft light. Usually used in: sky curtains, floor curtains and other occasions that require large-area lighting. As far as the grade of the product is concerned, in general engineering, the use of some domestic high-quality products should meet the requirements.

2. Computer lights

With the rapid development of computer technology, the term "computer light" has been quickly understood by everyone in less than ten years. At the same time, the computer light has also become a new type of lighting that is independent of traditional lighting. With the support of powerful computer control technology, the computer lights give people a refreshing feeling in terms of light color, light projection range, light changes and rich patterns. Many functions that previously required many traditional lamps and lanterns may be fundamentally The function that cannot be realized, the computer light is very simple to complete, and the operation is more convenient. Further classification of computer lights can be divided into: ordinary computer lights and computer effect lights. The difference between ordinary computer lights and computer effect lights is: ordinary computer lights have many functions, accurate operation, pure power headlights, and can assist some stage lighting to perform. It is a good foil for stage or live use. Going further, the light bulbs used in the computer light are also different, and can be divided into: CSI type, MSD type, MSR type, HMI type, etc. according to the luminous form, power, and bulb material structure. Among them, the HMI type has high luminous brightness. The color of the lamp is pure, but the report rate is high, and it is easily damaged by wrong operation; in terms of power, the computer lamp is divided into: 150W, 200W, 250W, 300W, 400W, 575W, 1200W and other products of various specifications. As far as the brand Liyan is concerned, there are many manufacturers of computer lights, but the products with stable quality and powerful functions are mainly concentrated in European and American countries, especially some computer lights produced in Italy are very famous in the world. Common common computer light brands are: Clay-paky, Studio-Due, Sagitter, High-End, Martin, etc. The computer effect light brands are: Claypaky, Caef, Griven, Fal, etc. In particular, the Italian Clay-paky computer lights have excellent performance in all aspects, and the "Golden No. 3" series has won many international awards.

3. Lighting control equipment

In the earlier lighting equipment, the lighting control equipment mainly refers to the use of rheostats, reactances and transformers for the switching and dimming control of stage lamps. The skills are relatively backward, the volume is large, and the operation is not very convenient, and often requires several people. finish homework. With the development of semiconductor technology and electronic integration skills, lighting control equipment has made breakthroughs in technology, the function has been improved, the operation has become extremely simple, and the volume has become smaller and smaller. The current lighting control equipment has been divided into: point consoles, analog dimming consoles, computer dimming consoles, digital dimming consoles for computer lights and other series; from the light path that can be controlled, modern dimming The optical stage has developed into hundreds or even thousands of controllable optical paths; in terms of function, it has developed into a system with powerful functions such as grouping, pre-selection, program control, voice control, computer control, etc.; and the power components have been changed from the console part. Independently, it has developed into a very small thyristor box and switch box with different numbers of circuits, different currents, and a very small volume, which makes the division of labor of the equipment more clear, the control is easier, and the operation is simpler. As far as the type of product is concerned, the usual audio engineering commonly uses products that are easy to operate, compact in size, moderate in price, and not necessarily too many light paths; and for large-scale performance occasions, usually choose products with good operation stability, intuitive operation, and relatively light paths. Multi-function large-scale dimming console. The brands of dimming consoles usually used in engineering and performances include: Pulsar computer light dimming console, SGM dimming console, Colortran dimming console, TL dimming console, Jands dimming console, etc. There are also some small dimming consoles with cheap price and simple functions produced in China, which are usually used in general small occasions.

4. Smoke machine

As far as sound engineering is concerned these days, the choice of a hood must not be forgotten when planning lighting. In fact, the hood was used on the stage earlier as a device to create special effects during dancing and singing. It can be said to be a substitute for dry ice machines. However, with the increasing application of lighting products in sound engineering, especially in entertainment venues, we have found that the smoke sprayed by the hood is a good foil for the color of the light, the beam of light, and the shape, especially the colorful computer lights. The role of the smoke is more needed to set off the smoke, so today's dance halls and even all kinds of theatrical performances are inseparable from the use of smoke machines. From the type, it can be divided into: small single-head or multi-head 1000W, 1500W series; large 2000W, 4000W stage hood and snow blower, the variety is very rich. Common brands are: JEM, Martin, etc.

5. Other lighting equipment

If only the main lamps and lanterns introduced above are used, the basic requirements can still be met for most occasions. However, with the further requirements for entertainment environment and lighting, some auxiliary lamps and lanterns have begun to be used in sound engineering, especially in entertainment dance halls. It is even more necessary to create a role that is different from the performance occasion. Among them, the lamps that are used more in ordinary projects are: purple light, strobe light, laser tube and laser light. In particular, the use of laser lights has given everyone a new understanding of lighting. Its wonderful functions and ever-changing appearance can give people a novel feeling. it.