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Follow spot light
Product ID:52615294116 Product name:follow spot light

Product description

Technical parameter:
Voltage: 110-240V 50-60HZ
Light source: custom made Japanese Phoenix bulb MSD350W
Color temperature: 3200-7000K
Optical system: use three sets of composite coated lenses, light angle of 3-30 degrees, manual adjustment, linear amplification and reduction
Color: the color red green blue yellow disc
Rotation angle: 360 degrees X axis Y axis is 90 degrees
Lamp size: 103. long, 32. wide, 40cm high
Weight: 13KG
Bracket size: 114. long, 16. wide, 16cm high
Weight 6KG
Air box size: 114. long, 51. wide, 450cm high
Weight 10KG