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Three precautions for the use of stage lighting and sound
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A perfect performance is inseparable from the hard work of the staff behind it, as well as these good stage lighting and sound. There are many performances now that make people feel that as long as there are enough stage lighting equipment, it will be a good performance if it is displayed coolly. Similarly, as long as the stage sound is more expensive, the effect will be better. All these make people feel that as long as there is good stage sound and lighting equipment, any combination can have good results. This is obviously a wrong point of view. For a good performance, the sound and lighting effects of the stage are particularly important. It is important to cooperate with the concept of the stage designer. There will be a problem with the matching of stage sound and lighting equipment. The following is the use of the stage. When using audio and lighting equipment, what should be paid attention to:

stage lighting

When we watch the stage, we must pay attention to the colorful lights on the stage that will show a lot of light. The stage equipment rental company can first arouse our visual perception, and the light that causes our visual perception should be the visible light that we often say in our lives. They are 7 monochromatic lights of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and purple. However, according to a large number of experiments, it has been proved that we people are also sensitive to yellow and green light. Therefore, we must pay attention to the allocation of light in the layout of stage lighting, and then allocate the pipes. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the brightness of the light and the angle of the light, so that it will not make people feel dazzling and will give people a beautiful enjoyment with the ups and downs of the music. Therefore, the stage lighting is the impact beauty of the visual rhythm. And everyone should know that different colors have different stimulating effects on people's psychology, so most of us are listening to songs, if the singing is more melancholy and low-key, we will feel that the colors emitted by the lights on the stage are relatively Cold, if the singing is more high-pitched, then we will feel particularly excited, so its effect is warmer.


Types and characteristics of stage lighting

Generally speaking, we all use incandescent lights, fluorescent lights, neon lights, laser lights and other lamps on the stage. Some of these lamps are manually controlled, some are mechanically controlled, some are controlled by sound, and some are controlled by computers. It is still controlled by the program, so it will give people different effects, and the use of spotlights will make the local lighting effect better, with a high degree of directional pertinence. , if we want to spread the focus of the stage, we will use back lights and flood lights, as well as those we often see with computers. The control of these lamps is also carried out according to the form of the stage, so that a music can achieve a better effect.

Stage sound matching

As for the sound on the stage, since the sound is restored by the electrical signal to the sound like this equipment, we will have great differences in the selection of the sound. The following types include anti-magnetic sound, full-band speakers, flat-panel sound, USB speakers, these types will have different effects. When used with speakers on the stage, you must pay attention to the characteristics of various speakers to place them, so that the sound effect will reach the highest level. The number of speakers should be moderate, because the loudness control More importantly, if our 500 rounds per hour is too much, it is beyond the range of people's adaptation to the intensity, then it will make people feel uncomfortable, as long as the music on the stage cannot achieve the effect.


The above 3 points are just some precautions when matching the stage audio and lighting equipment. There is more work to complete the performance. But if the basic equipment is not well matched, the performance effect will be more difficult to guarantee. As I said at the beginning, a perfect performance is inseparable from the hard work of the staff behind it, as well as these good stage lighting and sound.