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SY-6050 50W pattern lamp
Product ID:511918616 Product name:50W pattern lamp

Product description

Light emission and
Alex: 20.900 @ 1 million
17 to the perspective of enlightenment:
Light of D R and 1 x BIA 50W and LED
VAC 100-240 power supply:
Energy consumption: up to 93W
Voltage: 2A
Display: color LCD
Protocol control: DMX512
DMX:13CH / 8CH mode
optical system
0-100% dimming:
0-20Hz strobe:
Focus, R manual
Prism: 3- wall
Pan: 540
Tilt: 270
Resolution C, pan / tilt: 16
Special fire fighting movement
In the range of movement of the pan / tilt five hundred and forty points, three hundred and sixty / 180
In the pan / tilt down the price changes
And color patterns
Pattern: 2 glass + metal 5 (convertible)
Pattern design flow, jitter function
, t R is a two-way
The pattern of the internal diameter: 20 mm
The outer diameter of the pattern is 24mm
Color: 8 dichroic filter two BIA + y
Color features: color segmentation effect physical parameters
Black color:
Metal and non combustible plastic enclosure:
XLR input / output, power input IEC CIE: after connection
External dimensions (length x width x height): 210 225x340 x mm
Weight: 5.6 kg
Security certificate
CE certification:
Ambient temperature: 40