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The origin and development of lighting
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Stage lighting is the art of using lighting means to illuminate the stage and shape the characters and scenery, also known as stage lighting. Its function is to use the technical equipment and means of stage lighting to cooperate with actors' performances and shape the visual image on the stage according to the performance requirements and the overall concept of stage art.

Stage lighting is an important part of the performance space. It is an all-round visual environment lighting design for characters and specific scenes required according to the development of the plot, and the art of reproducing the design intent to the audience in a visual image. creation. Lighting design should comprehensively and systematically consider characters and plots, highlight visual key points, and use light to express storylines and characters' emotions.

Early plays had a history of open-air or semi-open-air performances, all using sunlight as the light source. But as performance venues moved indoors or for nighttime performances, stage lighting began to appear.

In the 16th century, Europe used a bonfire made of resin-impregnated rope as a light source for outdoor performances at night.

When the opera "Yeo" was performed at the Dresden Theater in 1755, 8,000 candles were lit on the stage.

Since the 18th century, it has become a practice to turn off the auditorium lights and leave only the stage lights during performances.

At the beginning of the 20th century, after the advent of tungsten filament light bulbs, it provided a spotlight with concentrated light for the stage, but did not provide favorable conditions for expressing the stage space and creating the stage atmosphere.

In the 1950s, studio lighting gradually developed on the basis of stage and movie lights.

In the 1960s, scientific and technological workers developed LED light-emitting diodes using the principle of semiconductor PN junction light-emitting. The LED developed at that time was made of GaASP, and its color was red. After nearly 30 years of development, the well-known LED can emit red, orange, yellow, green, blue and other colors. However, white light LEDs for lighting were only developed after 2000. In recent years, a lot of stage lighting has used LED lights, and LED stage lighting has gradually become one of the important lighting fixtures for stage lighting.