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The effect of stage activities depends largely on stage lighting
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Stage lighting equipment is a very important part of stage construction, and the bright effect of lighting can create a perfect stage.

Lighting effects play a very important role in the success of an event or a project. The ideal lighting effect is to better contrast the atmosphere of the scene and express the wonderful content of the stage performance. Now, there are many types of effect lights. In addition to traditional tube lights, backlights and spotlights, effect lights also include computer scanning lights, color changing lights, stage computer lights, stage guide lights and laser lights.

Stage computer lights are the most commonly used lights in stage lighting. Common ones are 200w, 230w, 280w, 330w and so on. Its structure is relatively precise, including circuit system, mechanical system, optical system, heat dissipation system, etc. Therefore, we should pay attention to some problems when using, so that the lamp can produce better effects and obtain a longer service life, aiming at the computer lamp that uses bubbles. Moving head light is professional equipment, maintenance and disassembly should be operated by professionals, but some common faults must still be operated by users.

The most common is to replace the bulb, open the case, don't rush to install it, first see if the fan is functioning properly, if the fan fails, the air bubbles on it will likely burst right away. In addition to the choice of lighting, stage lighting is also very important for stage positioning. The positioning of stage lighting is a key issue. Whether in theaters, bars, dance halls, audiences, crowds, the requirements of the main repertoire, etc., must be positioned first. If it is a costume theater, there is no need for laser lights with a strong sense of the times or a lot of computer headlights. In contrast, a large number of computer headlights, beam lights, laser lights, etc. are used in stages such as annual meetings, celebrations, and drinking parties. Do a good job of stage positioning planning to correctly select the required lighting without wasting.

Good quality stage lighting is also more expensive. Use better quality equipment within your budget to reduce operational losses, maintenance costs, etc. due to equipment damage. The effects of greed are often unprofitable.