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SY-6200B 200W Focusing Surface Light
Product ID:10914243116 Product name:200W Focusing Surface Light

Product description


200W Focus Surface Light

Voltage: AC110-240V 50/60Hz

Power: 250W

Light source: imported 200W beads

Control mode: DMX512 manual control

Channel mode: 3/7 channels are optional

Focusing angle: 15-60 degree linear dimming

Projection Distance: 6-60 m Long Range Projection

Performance characteristics: The new 200W COB focusing surface lamp is simple to operate and easy to install.

It is suitable for outdoor large and medium-sized performances, and has been approved by many businessmen through multiple improvements.

The brightness of the product is much higher than that of the traditional 1000W P64 tube lamp, which has a long life.