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Product ID:1151714316 Product name:2Rlight

Product description

Voltage: AC110-240V50-60HZ
Power: 150W220V, 50HZ
Source Type: 2R Philips
Color Temperature: 8000K
Ballast: Electronic ballast
Optical system: 3-layer optical glass lens HQ
Focus: optical focusing
Channel: 13 channels
Color wheel: 13 colors + white adjustable swivel, adjustable speed, bi-directional rotation and rainbow effect
Fixed gobo wheel: 14 static gobos + white bi-directional rotation and rainbow effect, speed adjustable
Prism: 8 surface rotating prism
Strobe: Mechanical Strobe 1-12 times / second adjustable strobe speed
Movement: Level 0-540 ° / vertical 0-270o, horizontal / vertical trimming function automatic calibration function
Display: LCD displayHigh temperature protection