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SY-8280 280 w moving head light
Product ID:31811173216 Product name:280 w moving head light

Product description

oltage: AC110V - 240 - v 50/60 hz
Power: 280 w
Channel number: 16/24 channel
Soft light effect: soft light flare Angle can be adjusted
Focus: linear focusing the dimming: 1-100% linear adjustment
Project the light range: X to 540 degrees, Y to 250 degrees, can automatically correct location
Control mode: international standard DMX512
Other features: remote control lamp switch function, display lamps, light bulb
Use time, automatic fan speed control function
Appearance: + high temperature resistant plastic moulding alloy material
Protection, etc can: Ip20
17 kg net weight:
The carton packing size: 560 * 445 * 760 mm